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bucket approach

Try the Bucket Approach

Try the Bucket Approach. Constructing a portfolio this way may help you ride through a bear market in retirement. Stocks sometimes retreat. That reality can be overlooked in a long bull market.Read More…

pay off your home before you retire

Should You Pay Off Your Home Before You Retire?

Before you make any extra mortgage payments, consider some factors. Pay off your home? Should you own your home free and clear before you retire? At first glance, the answer would seemRead More…

Guidelight Financial Retirees Are Racking Up Credit Card Debt

Retirees Are Racking Up Credit Card Debt

New statistics point out an alarming financial problem. $6,876. That is the average amount of credit card debt owed by an American household headed up by an individual aged 65-69.1 If you are newly retired or close to retiring, that figure may alarm you. ItRead More…

Think Before Retire

Think About Your Lifestyle Before You Retire

Sometimes planning for retirement isn’t entirely about money… How many words have been written about retirement? It’s a preoccupation for many, and we devote so much time, thought, and energy toward savingRead More…

What Are Catch Up Contributions Really Worth

What Are Catch Up Contributions Really Worth?

What degree of difference could they make for you in retirement? At a certain age, you are allowed to boost your yearly retirement account contributions. For example, you can direct an extraRead More…


Why Are We Saving More and Spending Less?

Have our memories of the Great Recession altered our habits? Consumer spending accounts for more than two-thirds of economic activity in the United States. Lately, that spending has moderated. Across the 12Read More…